GCAN Modbus IO coupler

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شرکت سازنده:GCAN

کشور سازنده: چین

آموزش: دارد

شناسه محصول: gcan-io-8100 دسته: , , ,


GCAN-IO-8100 Modbus I/O Coupler can be used to connect Modbus system and distributed bus
terminal module, and these terminal modules can be expanded in a modular way. A complete
node consists of a bus coupler, 1-32 arbitrary number of terminal modules and a terminalmodule
GCAN-IO-8100 ModbusBus Coupler uses standard Modbus protocol, a standard slave station.
The GCAN-IO-8100 Bus Coupler has two kinds of style, GCAN-IO-8100-TCP supports Modbus
TCP communication, GCAN-IO-8100-RTU supports Modbus RTU communication. Besides,
the firmware can be upgraded by configuring the interface.
GCAN-IO-8100 Bus Coupler supports automatic configuration, and you do not need to set
parameters on the PC. When GCAN-IO-8100 bus coupler uses Modbus RTU communication,
communication parameters can be configured by RS485 interface; When uses Modbus TCP
communication, communication parameters can be configured by Ethernet interface

· Support standard Modbus protocol, a standard Modus slave station
· Support Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU communication (corresponding to two kinds of style)
· RS485 interface adopts standard two-wires system
· Serial interface baud rate supports 600bps~115200bps, configured by serial interface
· The maximum number of bus terminals module is 64
· Configuration mode is automatic configuration, expandedfreely
· Ethernet interface supports static or dynamic IP acquisition
· Ethernet interface supports heartbeat and timeout disconnection
· Ethernetwork interface is fixed, target IP and target interface can be set
· Automatic restoration of connection resources after the Ethernet interface is disconnected,
and reliable establishment of TCP connections
· Ethernet interface is compatible with the SOCKET working mode (TCP Server, TCP Client,
UDP, etc.). The upper computer communication software complies with the standard SOCKET rules.
· Supply power: 24V DC (-15%/+20%)
· Input current, 70mA+ (total GC-bus current), maximum 4500mA
· Starting current: about 2.5 times continuous current
· Power contacts: maximum 24V DC/maximum 10A
· Electrical isolation: 1000 Vrms (power contact/bus coupled powervoltage)
· Working temperature: -40.00℃~ 85.00℃
· Standard DIN rail,designed for industrial design
· Dimensions:100mm(L) * 69mm(W) * 48mm(H)

PLC Parameters
Modbus protocol Modbus TCP,Modbus RTU
Bus terminal module quantity Up to 32 modules
The biggest byte number of profibus 32bytes input and 32bytes output
Digital I/O signal 256 input/output
Analog I/O signal 60 input /output
Configuration mode automatic configuration
Bus interface RJ45
Power 24V DC(-15%/+20%)
Input current 70mA+(total GC-bus current)/maximum 2.5 A
Starting current About 2.5 times continuous current
GC-bus current supply 500mA
Fuse capacity ≤10A
Power supply Maximum 24V DC/maximum 10A
Electrical isolation 1000Vrms(power contact/bus coupled poweroltage)
Environmental testing
Working temperature -40℃~+85℃
Working humidness 95%RH,without condensation
EMC test EN 55024:2011-09
Anti-vibration/impact resistance performance EN60068-2-6/EN 60068-2-27/29
Anti-electromagnetic interference/radiation performance  EN61000-6-2/EN61000-6-4
IP grade IP20
Basic information
Dimension  100mm*69mm*44mm
Weight 100g