GCAN CANopen IO coupler

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شرکت سازنده:GCAN

کشور سازنده: چین

نمایندگی/وارد کننده: شرکت نیک مهر

آموزش: دارد

تخفیف: دارد

شناسه محصول: gcan-io-8000 دسته: , , ,


1. Overview

GCAN-IO-8000 CANopen IO Coupler can be used to connect CAN-bus system and distributed bus terminal module, and these terminal modules can be expanded in a modular way. A complete node consists of a bus coupler, 1-32 arbitrary number of IO modules and a terminal module

GCAN-IO-8000 CANopen IO Coupler uses CAN-bus protocol in accordance with ISO 11898. The GCAN-IO-8000 CANopen Bus Coupler not only supports all CANopen communication, but it can also be easily applied to a manufacturer-specific CAN-bus environment. Besides, the firmware can be upgraded by configuring the interface.

GCAN-IO-8000 CANopen Bus Coupler supports automatic configuration, and you do not need to set parameters on the PC. Baud rate can be configured via RS-232 interface.

2. Performance

3. Connection mode

4. IO modules

5. Technical specifications