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شرکت سازنده:GCAN

کشور سازنده: چین

نمایندگی/وارد کننده: شرکت نیک مهر

آموزش: دارد

تخفیف: دارد

شناسه محصول: gcan_plc_510 دسته: , , ,


The master cntroler
GCAN-PLC-510 is an update to the GCAN-PLC-400. The main frequecy is 400M and has more shorter scan cycle. GCAN-8100 is Modbus controller and GCAN-8000 is CANopen controller. They can be used as remote IO and can connect with IO modules. GCAN-PLC is a freely extended module which has high-speed Germany CPU with strong computing and processing capacity that makes real-time response to signal and control instructions. The main control module has 3 fielsbus communication interface: CAN/CANopen,Ethernet/Modbus TCP, RS232/485/Modbus RTU.
Dear! Before payment, please confirm your detail requirement, GCAN-PLC-510 itself doesn’t include any IO points, if you want different IO modules, please contact us.
IO module selection
Function & Application

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وزن 0.5 گرم
ابعاد 20 × 20 × 20 میلی‌متر